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The unique and expansive art gallery at the Village Arts Factory welcomes visitors to experience art in an up-close and immersive environment. Serving a dual purpose as a bustling point of connection to many of our artist studios, as well as an immersive art display space, the art gallery is truly the heart of the Village Arts Factory, where art is created, displayed, viewed, and appreciated.
Most of our exhibits remain on display for two months and feature the work of local and nationally renown artists, gifted students, Arts Warehouse tenants, and talented neurodiverse artisans and creators. Please stop by often to view the ever changing art on display, or to purchase a piece of art to add to your personal collection. The gallery is free and open to the public. Interested in exhibiting your art in the gallery? Submit an application here.

2022-2023 Exhibit Schedule

Since 1980, Maniscalco’s exquisite commissioned portraits and fine art have become part of over a thousand distinguished private and public collections throughout North America. In Detroit he hosted two seasons of Artbeat on PBS between 2003-05. He founded the Maniscalco Gallery in 1997. The MG became a launching point for many artistic careers and a staple in the Detroit art scene. Although he closed the doors to the brick and mortar gallery in 2006, The MG continues as an online resource for all things creative, featuring Robert’s artwork and writing.


As a fine artist, he likes to work in multiple series. Perhaps his most enduring work is that of a commission portrait artist, immortalizing Supreme Court Justices as well as children and families. He shares his remarkable journey toward personal and professional growth and creative self-expression is documented in his book, Point of Art, which explores the artist’s muse and the creative process.


In addition to his exquisite portrait art, Robert has created several bodies of work, including Faces of China, Italia, Authentic Sports and a series of pastels on velour entitled Chromo Sapient. He continues working on these, as well as a series called Faces of the Lowcountry, featuring the Gullah Giche people of the Carolina Lowcountry, as well as a related landscape series called, Iconic Charleston. He works in genres like landscape, still life, wildlife, figurative and non-commission portraiture.

Nick Bair is an artist who is passionate about prehistoric life and contemporary large mammals. Nick creates his work in a variety of media including ink, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and colored pencil. Nick is a world traveler who frequents zoos and museums where he gathers inspiration and resources for his work. Nick’s artwork depicts scenes from nature and often has a strong narrative quality. Nick has been known in his community for contributing to events and organizations that support children with special needs and physical handicaps. He has a unique and inspiring voice as an artist who also has autism.

Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff is an MFA recipient in painting, drawing and fiber arts from the University of North Texas (2016) and has been showing her work in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and Breckenridge area art exhibitions since 2013. She also received a Masters of Arts in Public History from Western Michigan University in 2000 and attended Michigan State University for graduate courses in the History of Art from 1997 to 2000. She won a graduate research award while attending MSU. She continued her educational endeavor with Indiana University pursuing more graduate work in the doctoral program of Art History in the area of Renaissance and American Art history from 2000 until 2004. During this educational period she was awarded with a graduate research scholarship with Dr. Sarah Burns, the American Art History specialist, while also holding teaching scholarships for her entire doctoral degree endeavor.


Ms. Ingleright-Telgenhoff has been teaching for over twenty years as a university instructor in the History of Art and for the past six years as a studio professor. She has taught more than a dozen different courses ranging from art survey to advanced and independent studies courses. Her focus is primarily 18th, 19th and 20th century European and American Art, however, she often focuses on Contemporary art and Art and Gender as topics. Within the studio art curriculum, she has taught drawing I and II, as well as Painting I and II, Design I and II along with independent advanced studies courses. Her exceptional teaching qualities have been rewarded as she was nominated best adjunct professor 2008-2009 and then named best adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2010 in the History of Art.


Ms Ingleright-Telgenhoff’s paintings, drawings and sculptures are hanging in several venues in Texas. She is on permanent view at the Old Post Office and Museum in Graham Texas as well as the Fort Worth Community Art Center in Fort Worth. She is frequently requested for exhibition by several galleries in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, including RO2 Gallery, Fort Worth Community Art Center, Craig Head Green art Gallery, 500X in Dallas and Gallery 411 in Fort Worth. She won several student awards and competitions for her art within the state of Texas which include recognition of up and coming artists and has served as a competition juror in several venues. Ms. Ingleright-Telgenhoff also served as vice president for nonprofit Fire House Art Gallery in Weatherford Texas for a year and was a member for more than six years prior.

The Village Arts Factory is thrilled to announce this upcoming group show featuring the winners of the 28th Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition. The Fine Arts Exhibition will be on display at the Village Theater in Canton from October 4 through October 30. The winners will be announced at a special reception and awards presentation on Thursday, October 13, 2022. The winning artists will be invited to be part of a special group exhibit here at the Village Arts Factory in January and February of 2023. Please check back soon for more information once the winners are announced!


For more information, contact Kevin Ryan at or click here.

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