Support Arts & Humanities in Southeast Michigan

Your gift plays a crucial part in helping to develop the arts and humanities in the Western Wayne and Eastern Washtenaw counties. Your support helps:

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Support for Veterans

The Veterans’ Dormitory serves as an Urban Retreat/Residence for veterans struggling with housing and those who need a supportive environment in the Detroit Metro area.

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Provide Place to Experience Art & Fitness

The Arts Warehouse is a place where people of all ages can watch artists perform their craft, join in art and fitness classes and support local artists and entrepreneurs.

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Provide a Community Park for Area Families to Enjoy

This space will provide multiple areas for outdoor art innovation including sculptures & floral gardens that will enhance pedestrian paths and bike trails connecting to a walkable community and eventually a neighboring county.

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Honor the Past, While Building a Future

By supporting the Partnership & The Village Arts Factory you are helping to preserve Henry Ford’s final and most inspiring Village Industry.


And most of all………. an inclusive welcoming place for you and your family & friends to gather, make memories, connect and learn from each other through arts and humanities.

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I have been working with children for 20 years and there has been times when I wanted to quit and walk away but I kept reminding myself to look around and see who is watching.  Our little Warriors are watching!  I am passionate about movement and creative lessons that’s taught in the gym. Kids need to understand and learn how to process good healthy habits early on and I am a true believer in the gym is where it begins.  Kids need guidance and laughter.  They need coaches and friends.  Our kids in the world today need someone to look up to.  That’s why I do what I do.  My true path in life is kid fitness and I’m so happy that I chose this Path.


Owner, Jump-A-Rama

I’d been looking for the right place to move my home studio business to a commercial space, and just wasn’t finding the right fit. I was looking for a place which would emulate a calm, artful environment and Village Arts Factory was the place I was waiting for! There is much history behind Pilates: Health, Therapy, Dance and there is a Veteran’s aspect too. I feel the way I’ve designed our Pilates Studio balances the artistic, historical and Veteran’s aspect of what the Village Arts Factory is seeking to offer. I’m thrilled to bring Personal Pilates and Fitness to the community and hope to continue and expand the practice of Pilates to more of Canton’s residents.


Owner, Personal Pilates by Liz

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