Class is in Session!

Class is in Session!

Are you looking for a way to include some hands-on learning into your curriculum for the fall?

The Village Arts Factory is proud to announce that a homeschooling program has been put in place with the help of our resident artists! Classes will begin in mid-September of 2020, be held for 75 minutes, follow the Executive Orders, and have no more than 8 students in it.

The classes offered include; a fine arts course taught by D&M Art Studio, a dance course taught by Reigning Motion, a gym course taught by Jump-A-Rama Movement & Fitness Center, a science course taught by Science + Lyes, and a photography course taught by Schwartzy Photos.

On Thursdays, classes will be for those aged 6-10 and on Fridays, classes will be for those 11-16. The fees for each class will be determined by each instructor.

If you are interested or want to learn more please reach out to the instructor of the course for more information!


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