Starting a New Chapter

Starting a New Chapter

The current Executive Director of the Partnership, Jill Engel has been dedicated to this project and organization for over 10 years. However, she will be taking on a new role within the organization in September when she becomes a development specialist. Jill is bittersweet about the transition but she knows that taking on this new role will allow her to continue to do what she loves while pursuing other exciting opportunities.

Taking on a new role won’t stop Jill from cheering the Partnership on. “It is my sincere hope that more Canton residents will become aware of the Village Arts Factory and contribute to the Partnership,” she said, “I will always be an advocate and supporter!”
The Partnership has already begun looking for an Executive Director who will manage the day to day operations of the Arts Warehouse and the organization at large. Keep an eye on our social media for more information.
There are 3 comments
  1. Patty Iafrate

    Congrats Jill, On All your Chapters as they have all been successful with you being a part of each one. Each Chapter is more exciting along the way. Nothing like a great book with a happy ending to each Chapter as we all look forward to the next. Those characters that take part in any chapter within this great story are beyond blessed.
    Many blessings are with you on your on going Story
    Much love♥️
    Patty Iafrate

  2. Tanya NICELEY

    Congratulations Jill! You are a star in all you do!!!

  3. Jill Engel

    Thank you Patty Iafrate for your friendship, love and support of our community! I am truly blessed for THE BEST friends and colleagues ever!
    This project is going to honor our past and unite all of us for generations to come!

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