Supporting our Veterans


There are approximately 3,800 homeless veterans in Michigan. To help out the people who served, so that we can all enjoy our freedom, please consider making a donation to help a vet in need. We are thrilled that The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund is leasing the Veterans Dormitory and currently offers a program to give support to veterans. The Veterans Dormitory serves as an Urban Retreat/Residence for veterans struggling with housing and those who need a supportive environment in the Detroit Metro area. The program allows for four to six homeless, male veterans to reside at the dormitory and receive the services they need to establish permanent housing and become gainfully employed. Additionally, the program provides residents access to mental health professionals, veterans service officers, attorneys, as well as specific programs related to post military adjustment.

The History

The dormitory was originally a creamery in the village of Cherry Hill. Henry Ford purchased the Wilson Dairy building in 1943 and had it moved to its current location next to the factory he was constructing. Ford then transformed the creamery into a residence hall for several workers at his Cherry Hill Plant. The dormitory housed 18-22 disabled veterans, as well as the staff, which consists of the cook and his assistant.

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How You Can Help

Just $25 supports a vet in need with housing, rehabilitation, art therapy and meals. If you would like to support the Veterans Dormitory Project you can also donate food to our food pantry, or contact The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund for volunteer information.

Visit FWSF Website

This building is not open to the public and we ask that you respect the space as they work to heal and restore their lives. 

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