An Important Alliance in the Village Promises a Wealth of New Programs & Events

An Important Alliance in the Village Promises a Wealth of New Programs & Events

On May 24, 2022, Canton Township’s Board of Trustees formally recognized the importance of the Village Arts Factory to the economic success and development of the Village District, as well as the importance of offering opportunities for all residents to experience the arts and humanities locally. This newly strengthened partnership and service agreement between both entities will help provide events and services that continue to support and foster the cultural arts community in Canton. 

Township Supervisor, Anne Marie Graham-Hudak shared, “We are pleased to be forging an alliance with the Partnership for the Arts & Humanities to support community events, arts programming and economic development in Canton. The opportunity to experience the arts and humanities, along with expanded programming, will benefit all Canton residents, including the underserved, disabled and at-risk-youth far into the future.” 

Township Clerk, Michael Siegrist, added, “The Village Arts Factory is central to the Township Board’s vision for the Cherry Hill Development Plan…We are committed to investing in our ongoing relationship with the Partnership and support them in their efforts.”

The Partnership for the Arts and Humanities is elated to have a deeper level of investment and dedication from the Township to continue to build on the momentum that is already being cultivated there. Collaboration on this level will bring additional energy, creativity, and lifeforce to a pulse in the Village that grows stronger each day.

The Partnership for the Arts is calling on you to be a part of that energy yourself this summer, as the warehouse and its tenants invite the community to come get hands on with art in ways that inspire, excite, heal, and entertain. Follow The Village Arts Factory on Facebook to keep up to date on all that’s happening, and celebrate summer with friends, family, neighbors, and art in the Village.

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